Web site and web page translation to and from English.

Search me translates your documents, taking into account search engine properties. Your web site or single web pages translated to attract customers to your product. An English site will reach an enormous audience, all of them potential customers.
Or have you found a niche in France? A French translation can do wonders for the marketing of your product.

In all internet related translations Search me takes into account search engine working-methods. We take care to achieve better search engine results in editing your web texts. However, Search me’s translation is always a scrupulous and readable reflection of its original.

Tariff: original wordcount times Euro 0,15, VAT excl.

Search me also translates other marketing material or legal documents, swiftly and professionally.

email me: eek@search-me.nl
skype: eek.de.graaff or call +31(0)6-13939493 Eek de Graaff, Search me

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